Diploma (Master) Thesis


D.Pontaka (2008)

Method development for congener specific analysis of polychlorinated

C. Hartmann

Rückstandsverhalten des Biozids Imazalil in güllegedüngtem Boden

B. Cvetkovic

Veterinärpharmaka und Biozide in Gülle - Untersuchungen zur Effizienz
verschiedener Extraktionsverfahren -

I. Homeier (2008)

Synthese und analytische Charakterisierung von Dialkylphosphiten
sowie potentiellen thermischen Zersetzungsprodukten

J. Bania (2007)

Synthese und analytische Charakterisierung von Zinkdialkylphosphaten
sowie möglichen thermischen Zersetzungsprodukten

D. Samad (2007)

Control of Heavy Metal Distribution by Grain Size at Sample from the
Odra River (Poland)

I. Schmanteck (2006)

Zum Abbau von Veterinärpharmaka in güllegedüngtem Boden
- Einflüsse der Testgülle-Applikation auf die Millieubedingungen in
verschiedenen Labortestsystemen -

K. Heitmann (2006)

PCDD- und PCDF-Freisetzung bei der Verbrennung ausgewählter
Kunststoffe in Anwesenheit von HCL

T. Petzold (2006)

Machbarkeitsstudie zur chemischen Analytik des
Verbundforschungsprojektes - Anaerobe Abwasserreinigung und
Wiederverwertung in semiariden Gebieten -

T. Suhlke (2005)

Wasserbasiertes Motorfluid

K. Blümlein (2005)

Labortests zum mikrobiellen Abbau von Fenbendazol in
güllegedüngtem Boden - Von der Synthese zur Identifizierung des
Metaboliten Fenbendazolsulfon-

G. Anquandah (2005)

Occurance of Traffic Subjected Platinum, Palladium and
Rhodium in Soils and Airborne Dust

B. Plaga (2003)

Untersuchungen zur Mobilität von Ibuprofen in Böden -
Entwicklung und Einsatz von Labortestsystemen

B. Matthies (2002)

Untersuchungen zum Sorptions- und Abbauverhalten des
Antiphlogistikums Diclofenac in Böden

J. Hörner (2002)

Wirkung von 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluol und 3,4-Dichloranilin auf
Bodenmikroflora, Pflanzen und Kompostwürmer in verschiedenen

S. Höltge (2001)

Abbau und Sorption einer pharmazeutischen Modellsubstanz im
Testsystem Boden

C. Vinke (1999)

Development of an analytical method for semivolatile organic substances in waste samples

E. Sidique (1999)

Traffic related occurrence of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium
in soil, road dusts and airborne particulate matter

M. Damm (1999)

Comparision of extraction methods for selected pesticides from

M. Wobst (1998)

Surface contamination with PASH, PAK, PCDD and PCDF after
fire accidents in private residences

A. Wickbold (1998)

Analytical and microbiological investigations on corrosion
problems inside of control wells in the vicinity of a salt mine

M. Wirts (1997)

Investigations on the influence of chemical structures during
combustion, in the presence of polyvinylchloride (PVC), on the
formation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and -furanes

W. Seebacher (1997)

Degradation of tetrachloroethene during mechanical-biological
waste treatment.

H. Rütters (1997)

Investigations on the sorption of Prochloraz and corresponding

G. Hoeschen (1997)

Degradation of morpholine fungicides in soil in dependance of
clay mineral and humic substance content

O. Fleischer (1997)

Investigations on the release of polychlorinated
dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofuranes by setting off fireworks

C. Else (1997)

Investigations on the formation of hydrogen cyanide during
incineration at laboratory scale in the presence of nitrogen
containing materials

P. Eichhorn (1997)

Investigations on the sensitivity of ecotoxicological tests in
comparision with chemical analytical methods

K. Weber (1996)

Investigations on the separation of enantiomeres of
environmental chemicals using HPLC and GC columns

M. Tamm (1996))

Comparative investigation of thermodesorption, head space
analysis, and CS2 elution of volatile organic substances

T. Stratesteffen (1996)

Influence of humic substances on the analysis of chlorinated
organic compounds

R. Rosemann (1996)

Investigation of the occurrence of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-
dioxins and -furans in products of a pyrolysis plant.

H. Richter (1996)

Investigation of organic and inorganic xenobiotics in equipped
printed circuits

A. Plevka (1996)

Examination of indoor pollution in low energy residential home

M Müller (1996)

Elemental analytical charackterization of wastes and their
eluates for underground disposal as a contribution for
ecotoxicological assessment of waste mining

E. Massold (1996)

Comparision of biological test methods and chemical analysis
used to characterize of waste samples

S. Liedtke (1996)

Ecotoxicological investigations on mechanical-biological
treatment of municipal solid wastes

O. Klobasa (1996)

Method development for the extraction of sewage sludges with
supercritical fluids (SFE) for the qualitative and quantitative
determination of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and -furans
with GC-MS

V. Heber (1996)

Examinations on the applicability of ELISA tests for the
detection of selected pesticides compared with conventional
methods of residue analysis

B. Hauser (1996)

Comparative investigations on the eco- and genotoxicity of
environmental and waste samples with the aid of luminescent
bacteria Microtox/Mutatox

D. Geunich (1996)

Investigations on the combustion of selected pesticides under
different fire conditions

F. Dettmer (1996)

Investigations in the optimization of the dioxin analysis method
at the Institute of Ecological Chemistry and Waste Analysis

M. Wolter (1995)

Dergradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by white rot

M Schulz (1995)

Investigations for the suitability of different test methods for
the determination of the transition coefficients of substances in

T. Schön (1995)

Method development for the simultaneous determination of
Propiconazole and corresponding metabolites in soil

D. Remmers (1995)

Degardation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by white rot

S. Klahr (1995)

Emission of volatile pollutants during two-stage waste treatment

P. Jopke (1995)

Method comparision for residue analysis of iodine in soils and

L. Hoppe (1995)

Quantitative determination of alliin content
(3-(2-propenylsulfinyl)-L-alanine) of allium species in
dependence of sulfur supply

S. Hagemann (1995)

Method for the characterization of heavy metal containing
hazardous wastes and their leaching with solvents high salinity

E. Uhde (1994)

Examination of old furniture for pollutants relevant to

A. Pieper (1994)

Examination of halogenated organic compounds in selected
samples of fire accidents with motorcars

R. Meininghaus (1994)

Development of a test method for the determination of heavy
metals in wall papers

I. Lüdders (1994)

Examination of the degradation of thiodicarb in aqueous
solvents with the aid of HPLC

A. Höllrigl-Rosta (1994)

Comparative model investigations on the transport behavior of
pesticides and flourescent tracers in a pore ground water

M. Harms (1994)

Investigations on possible application of rapid tests and sum
parameter analysis to fire residues

G. Forndran (1994)

Organic-analytical characterization of soot samples

J. Ebert (1994)

Investigation on the determination of organic sulfur content of
solid samples

R. von Borstel (1993)

Comparative investigation on different sampling techniques for
the detremination of particles and PAH in exhaust gases of
diesel motors

J. Ritterbusch (1993)

Investigations on the remaining and the decontamination of
polyhalogenated dibenzo-p-dioxins and -furans in waste
samples of an analytical laboratory

K. Regner-Josten (1993)

Investigations on uptake and transport of an chemical
protectant against ozone impact on plants with HPLC

C. Petersen (1993)

Inorganic-analytical characterization of hazardous wastes for
the underground deposition

C. Mühl (1993)

Process for the treatment and volume reduction of liquid paint
sludges and emulsions from brush cleaning of artits.

K. Menting (1993)

Investigations on the emission of volatile organic compounds
during aerobic treatment of household and municipal wastes on

K. Kampke-Thiel (1993)

Ecotoxicological aspects of deposition of hazardous wastes in
salt mines - Effects of diluted hazardous waste eluates on
aquatic organisms

G. Kraschon (1993)

Comparision of different methods for selective determination of
the organic, inorganic and total carbon content of solid wastes

A. Jacoby (1993)

Kinetics and reactions of chemical substances in test chambers

R. Fischer (1993)

Investigations on the extraction hehavior of polycyclic aromatic
hydrocarbons adsorbed on fly ashes from waste incineration

V. Zelinski (1992)

Brominated flame retardants and polybrominated dibenzo-
p-dioxin sand -furans in samples from fire accidents in
residental homes

A. Wilken (1992)

Adsorption and metabolism of polybrominated biphenyls (PCB's)
in cell suspension cultures of different plants

M. Stockmaier (1992)

Investigations on the behavior of Fenpropimorph in soil

A. Koinecke (1992)

Substitution of dichloromethane as often applied solvent in
residue analytical methods

M. Bittner (1992)

Recycling and control analysis of solvent wastes of chemical
institutes of TU Braunschweig

H. Wichmann (1991)

Investigations of chlorinated benzenes, polychlorinated
biphenyls, and polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and -furans in
samples from fire accidents in residental homes

M. Rückert (1991)

Investigation on the correlation of soil pollutants and the
corresponding soil gases

F. Loock (1991)

Investigations on the chemical composition of fogging
condensates to evaluate the emission behavior of polymer
materials at different temperature

C. Kaiser (1991)

Analytical investigations on monomers in recycling products of
cable polymers

J. Gunschera (1991)

Comparative investigations of halogenated hydrocarbons in
waste water of the chemical industry with the aid of sum
parameters and commom chromatographic methods

J. Fischer (1991)

Residue analytical investigations on fly ashes from waste
incinerators and their leaching behavior under particular
consideration of chlorinated aromatic compounds

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